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about us

Collaborative Partners Initiative (CPIN) is a woman-led and veteran owned community-serving small business located in Pierce County, Washington.

We work across several disciplines including education, housing, homelessness, community health, local courts, workforce development, health research, immigrants and refugees, early learning, street medicine, the arts, wildlife conservation, youth-led issues, organizational development, and overarching capacity building initiatives.

We work with a variety of organizations to include nonprofits, BIPOC-led community-based organizations, small businesses, courts of limited jurisdiction, and academic research institutions to advance initiatives for under-resourced and underserved communities; primarily communities of color, minorities, women, and socially, economically, or disadvantaged residents.

We work locally throughout Washington State and have also supported initiatives across the United States and in south-central Africa. Since we were established in 2020, we have achieved exceptional results in collaboration with the organizations we work with:   

  • Seeking and securing funding through grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements totaling over $60 million dollars with an overall win rate of 30 – 50%.
  • Advising on fiscal and grant compliance strategies with organizations to implement programs that support entrepreneurs and small businesses, working families tax assistance, historic preservation, homelessness and housing, food insecurity, and women’s health research.
  • Guiding several newer nonprofits and small businesses to secure their first grant funding; growing their programs by 200% or more. 
  • Strategizing with several groups to plan for sustainability and longevity to ensure they can deliver immediate and long-term impactful results for generations to come.
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Located across the U.S. & Canada

Members of our team are located in key hubs across the United States and Canada. We work with clients across the globe on projects of all shapes and sizes.

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Grassroots & Mission Driven

We support grassroots and mission driven initiatives.

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Strong Track Record

Our team members have a strong track record in securing funds from federal, foundation, and private sponsors managing investigator initiated and multi-site projects.

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Specialized Expertise

Our team specializes in grant writing, grant compliance, capacity building, and outreach initiatives.

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High-impact services to take your organization to the next level

Our Services
Free Introductory Consultation
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We offer several services to position organizations for success. Lets Connect!
Grant Searches
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We will identify funding opportunites for your organization.
Grant Editing, Review,
& Consultation
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Have a grant drafted and need a grant writer to review?
Graduate Admissions and
Post-graduate Experience
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Need assistance preparing your portfolio?
CPA/Financial Support
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We offer CPA services in partnership with the Sheriff CPA Services
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